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Need EM 385-1-1 Training? Click Here   

Design your 385-1-1 Accident Prevention Plan

The Safety Company, Inc. always takes a proactive view of safety issues for our clients.  We have recently expanded our Menu of Services to bring you the best information and service for safety issues concerning small businesses and employees.  We are continually improving so we can keep you informed about changes and programs available to help your organization safely improve productivity.





Are You OSHA Compliant?


Safety Regulations are published every year.  Do you know what safety regulations changed in 2014? Do you know what proposed changes are due in 2015?   With so many it is sometimes difficult to keep up.  Is safety integrated into your management system?  We can show you how to make safety a part of how you operate each day.  Do you know how your industry responds to safety requirements?  We believe that all employees should be educated about how to operate safe.  Taking a proactive approach is the best practice. We'd like to help you improve by giving you a free Safety Program Review.  Contact us today at  safety@thesafetyco.com and request your free Safety Program review today. 


Below is a quick reference for a few key OSHA requirements.  In addition to the following written safety programs, we provide safety program documentation and safety training for all levels of employment.


Blood Borne Pathogens - Exposure Control Plan, Training, Documentation


Emergency Evacuation Plan - Training of employees on evacuation procedures, Practice Evacuation, Documentation

Hazard Communication Program - Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all chemicals used, Training, Documentation for your employees up to date


Hearing Conservation - Work place noise evaluation, Audiometric Testing Requirements, Training, Documentation


Lockout/Tagout - Identification of Equipment (i.e., placards on machines for shutdown procedures), Training, Documentation


Personal Protective Equipment -  Hazard Assessment for type of equipment required, Selection of required equipment, Training on types, use and care of PPE, Documentation


Record Keeping - Do you have the 300 log maintained even though you don't have any injuries

 Respiratory Program - Medical requirements for employees using respirators, Fit Testing, Training for employees using respirators, Documentation

 We would be happy to review your programs or answer your questions.  Please contact us at Safety@Thesafetyco.com

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