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Clients using our Site Safety & Health Officers achieve zero injuries on projects.  How did the team achieve this?  We continue to share best practices with construction and manufacturing clients to improve their safety programs.  Want to know more?  Give us a call now 202-557-6869.


What's New?


There are NEW OSHA Regulations every year.  Do you know what safety regulations changed in 2015 and so far in 2016?   Do you know what other proposed changes are due in 2016?  With so many it's sometimes difficult to keep up.  We now have a New OSHA Construction Confined Space Regulation.  Want to learn more?  Call 202-557-6869 and schedule a review of your Confined Space Program.  It is important for you to stay up to date!


Is safety integrated into your management system? We can show you how to make safety a part of how you operate each day.  Do you know how your industry responds to safety requirements?  We believe that all employees should be educated about how to operate safely.  Taking a proactive approach is the best practice.  We'd like to help you improve your safety program by giving you a free Safety Program Review.  Contact us today at and request your free Safety Program Review today.


If you are a Federal Contractor it is important to have an up to date, active Company Safety Program. Your safety program is now referenced in EM 385-1-1 and is an important part of composing your Accident Prevention Plan (APP).  Your APP is required for  new NAVFAC, DOD, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and other agency construction contracts.


Here is a sample of some of the safety issues we continue to help you with.  Working together we help make your safety program the best in class.


Emergency Evacuation Plan - Have you trained your employees about evacuation procedures and performed evacuation drills?

Globally Harmonized Standard/Hazard Communication Program - Do you have Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals used?  Is training documentation for your employees up to date?


Lockout/Tagout - Do you have procedures in place for this critical safety program?  


Personal Protective Equipment -  Do you have a Hazard Assessment for different types of PPE?  Have you selected required PPE for the specific job? Are all your workers trained about the types, use and care of PPE?


Record Keeping - Do you maintain a OSHA 300 Log? Even though you don't have any injuries? Checkout our OSHA 300 Wizard!

 Call 202-557-6869 to get a review of your programs or answer your questions.  You can also contact us at


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