. Accident Investigation
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Accident Investigation

accident investigation questionsNo one wants to have an accident on the job site or in the workplace.

We have investigated many accidents that could have been prevented, so we can help you through the process whether it is training or helping you complete the investigation.

All training is accordance with OSHA 1960.29 - Accident investigation and ER 385-1-99, USACE Accident Investigation and Reporting.

Topics include:

Incident vs. Accident vs. Near Miss
The importance of investigating an incident
Best practices for information gathering
How to analyzing incidents to identify root causes
How to use effective investigation and interviewing techniques
Hazard Identification System
Develop a Written Incident Investigation Plan


Accident - man hits another man with item he is carryingOSHA strongly encourages employers to investigate all incidents in which a worker was hurt, as well as close calls ("near misses"), where a worker might have been hurt if the circumstances had been slightly different.

In the past, the term "accident" was often used when referring to an unplanned, unwanted event. To many, "accident" suggests an event that was random, and could not have been prevented. Since nearly all work site fatalities, injuries, and illnesses are preventable, OSHA suggests using the term "Incident" Investigation.

Who Needs Training?

accident investigation team sitting at tableAll employees should be trained to follow safe work practices. All employees should also be trained to be a part of an investigative team.

Incident investigations are often conducted by a supervisor, but to be most effective, these investigations should include managers and employees working together, since each bring different level of knowledge, understanding and perspectives to the investigation.

Participants will receive a workbook and handouts.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the course.


We also conduct On Site Training and Live On LineTraining.