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Corporate Safety Programs

Do you need to have your existing safety manual updated with new OSHA standards?  Do you have a safety manual in place at all?

Every organization is unique. We develop corporate safety programs specialized to fit your organization’s specific needs. We develop and update your existing Corporate Safety Program or we can develop one if you don't have one in place. We develop your program to be compliant with OSHA, EM 385-1-1 and all other state and local agencies.  Your safety program provides a valuable tool to enable your company to convey your policies and procedures to your employees and customers.

It is critical that your Corporate Safety Manual be current and that all employees are aware of the policies and adhere to them while working.

Safety Programs should be reviewed monthly by the Corporate Safety Director and the members of a Safety Committee. The goal of a Safety Committee is to improve the overall safety performance of all employees and to constantly monitor and improve your safety policy and practices.

NOTE: Proactive organizations are tailoring their Corporate Safety Programs after EM 385-1-1.  Something for you to think about!  An excellent safety program sets you apart from your competitors.

Safety Ownership

The most powerful source of motivation for employees is when they have ownership of the safety process. Performance is always better when energized out of commitment rather than compliance or obligation.

safety ownership - risk

Safety starts at the top. All employees have the right to work in a healthy and safe environment.

Executives, supervisors, employees and the safety and health team must have the same vision for safety and health within the work place. Everyone must understand that safety and health really are important to each level of the organization, and that the employees’ well-being is what it is all about.

Foster Safety Through:

Incentive Programs
Safety Committees
Suggestions/Input without reprisal
Problem Solving

Why We Review Often

Safety laws, legislation, and safety practices, along with possibly the work environment, equipment, materials, and products, change constantly.

Unforeseen accidents can change policy.



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Be Proactive

safety starts with youThe Safety Program should have a signature page for each employee to acknowledge their understanding of the company policies.

Safety should be the number 1 priority of the company.

Employees should not be disciplined or suffer any retaliation for reporting a safety violation in good faith.

Empower employees to stop unsafe acts.


corporate safety manualThe Company Safety Program Manual and Policies should always be readily available for all to view.

Safety Responsibility

Safety Responsibility plack, safety is everyones responsibility

Safety is Every ones Responsibility.

If you see something, say something. You just may save a life.