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Our Federal Job Site SSHO Projects

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Our Site Safety & Health Officer (SSHO) at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD - Pool Renovations

getting started with the scaffolding erection process second and third level photo of the scaffolding erection scaffold being erected with floor boards and ssho watching to make sure fall protection was being used the dome was being removed from the roof to be able to lift the air conditioner units through the roof View from roof of the dome being removed and ssho watching to make sure all worker were wearing fall protection gear boom truck lifting the air conditioner units to the roof sample photo most of the scaffolding was in place up to the diving board The guys showing the ssho that they were all wearing their fall protection and tied off Painting the pool An awsome view of the scaffolding that was erected in the pool an area of the scaffolding being removed after the painting was complete planks being laid for the flooring so the work can begin on the ceiling tiles another view of planks being laid for the flooring so the work can begin on the ceiling tiles another view of the planking and ssho making sure fall protection is being used properly another view of the painting Scaffold at the diving board Plank floorinh on sscaffolding for the painters and ceiling tiles to be replaced The scaffolding is in stages of dismanteling pool tiles being placed in the pool Bakers rack being used for pool tiling the cement is is being laid in the pool the last of the scaffoling being dismantled. some last minute clean up being done before the pool can be filled The new tiles being put down in the warm-up pool and the ssho is checking to sww if the ladders are properly positioned The warm up pool looks fantastic. SSHO Hank Hedges in his lighted safety vest

Our SSHO Hank Hedges was on site during this project at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. There were multiple renovations to the swimming pools and surrounding pool area. This was an amazing project with multiple Contractors on site at one time. The renovations included a new air conditioner unit. Both pools were completely retiled. The walls were painted and the ceiling tiles replaced. The scaffolding was one huge part of this project. This scaffolding project was multi-level and fall protection was stricktly enforced.