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Site Safety and Health Officers

ssho flaggerEM 385-1-1 Section 01.A.17 requires you to have a full-time Site Safety and Health Officer on most projects.

We develop partnerships to provide SSHO’s for your project who are committed to keeping all of your workers and subcontractors safe. 

We have competitive hourly rates for Safety Specialists and Certified Safety Professionals.

In addition, our SSHO's help maintain compliance with EM 385-1-1 and all applicable safety regulations and industry best safe practices for your project.

Our SSHO's have current OSHA 30-hour, CPR/FA and EM-85-1-1 40-hour training.

Why Us?

Our SSHO's are constantly diligent and continually monitoring project activities to stop and correct unsafe practices on the spot.  Our focus is zero tolerance for your projects. 

No Safety Deficiencies.
No Worker Injuries.

We continue to provide qualified Site Safety Health Officers (SSHO's) on Federal construction projects for our clients. Our Site Safety Health Officers meet the requirements of the EM 385-1-1 Safety & Health Requirements Manual and have all been previously approved on Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) projects and other Federal construction sites.

A Site Safety & Health Officers day is fast paced to say the least. That person needs to be the eyes and ears on the entire site. You need to be confident that the person who is responsible for the overall safety of all the workers on the site can perform the job effortlessly and knowledgeably.

SSHO Duties and Responsibilities

Below is a list of SSHO responsibilities but not limited to. They may have more duties depending on the project.

Collect and Maintain Safety Data Sheets
Conduct Monthly Eye Wash Inspections
Conduct Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspections
Conduct Monthly First Aid Kit Inspections 
Conduct Safety Orientations
Conducts investigations of all accidents and near-misses.
Daily Equipment Inspections
Enforce the Contractor’s safety program
Inspect site and the work of personnel to identify issues or non-conformity (e.g. not using protective equipment)
Inspect the site to ensure it is hazard-free
Maintain Accident Prevention Plan Compliance
Obtain, Post & Keep Burn Permits
Perform Daily Site Safety Inspections
Present Daily Safety Briefings
Responds to all safety concerns
Stop any unsafe acts or processes that are dangerous or unhealthy
Train workers about special safety issues when needed.
Trains and carries out drills for emergency situations.
Verifies that all tools and equipment are adequate and safe for use
Watches out for the safety of all workers on the site
Write and review all AHAs

SSHO Qualifications / Requirements

The list below are the most common qualification required to be an SSHO, however, some projects will require more than this list. Some must have proven experience with Fall Protection (including elevated platforms), Scaffolding, Steel Erection, Excavation, Cranes, etc.

First Aid and CPR Certified.
Have Completed 40 Hour EM 385-1-1 Course.
Have Completed 30 Hour OSHA Construction Course.
Have 5 or more years of hands on construction safety experience as an SSHO.

Something to Think About

Most sites will have Safety Inspectors whether they are OSHA, NAVFAC, DOD or other who are not only watching the workers, they are also watching your SSHO's. If they catch your SSHO not doing their job, you will be written up or shut down.